Jabsco Ballast Timer Reprogramming

Reprogram Ballast Timer

No more endlessly switching to empty to drain the tanks.
No more putting your boat on the trailer and finding out the tanks didn’t empty correctly.

Finally, Ballast Timers that WORK!

Reprogramming your current Jabsco Ballast timers allows them to function as a RELIABLE timed switch. Your ballast switches will now function as they should with time-delay fill and empty cycles. Fill and empty times are variable and can be adjusted in 30 second increments by the user.

Reprogramming timers requires that you remove the timers from your boat and ship them to WakeBlaster. We will re-program them promptly and ship them back to you.

Once you place an order, we will send you an email with the shipping address to send the timers.

$75 US + shipping. For international orders please email for a shipping quote.