About Wakeblaster

The idea for the WakeBlaster automatic volume control for boat stereos originated when inventor Erik Koetje was brainstorming with some boating friends about cool things they’d like on their wakeboarding boats. Automatically changing volume topped the list.

Erik, an engineer and electronics enthusiast, had experience inventing and creating flight simulator interfaces for the radio-controlled airplane industry, and he was eager to apply the lessons learned there. “That was really successful for me, and it opened entrepreneurial doors,” he explains.

For WakeBlaster, Erik designed all the original electronics and software as well as the case and its graphics. The first prototype was finished in November 2009 and the device was reviewed and refined for the next year. He tested a finalized version in August 2011 and, after rave reviews, began official production of WakeBlaster.

Besides being “cool,” WakeBlaster was designed to increase boating safety, Erik says.

“When you’re driving, you have a lot on your mind, and you need to make sure that the person behind you is safe. The WakeBlaster takes one thing away – the stereo – that you have to manage. It’s one less distraction from driving the boat.”

The WakeBlaster is the first in a series of boating devices that Erik has designed or is in the process of creating and bringing to market. Sales are though the WakeBlaster.com website or through authorized dealers.